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"Health Success is the best place in town for customer service.  We are very happy with the results." 
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"Thank you..for treating us like part of your Health Success family"
My daughter came in before she was 7 years old and still wasn't walking. PT not only assisted with the walking process but also showed her to run, skip, jump and climb. She can now play with her other siblings when playing outside. Thank you so much to them and for being so patient with her. Thank you to OT for working with her on Occupational skills. She is more hands on at home and is able to feed herself and color better. A big thanks to HS for being so kind hearted to my baby!! ST has helped my daughter with her speech and has opened a new world for us in teaching both her and me sign language. That has helped in so many ways. Thank you to the front office for always welcoming us when we arrive, your smile at times calmed us, and to all the staff for treating us like part of your Health Success family. May God Bless you all and give you the strength and wisdom to continue with your EXCELLENT WORK!  
"Very satified Customer"
"Emily" 4/7/14
Emily has shown improvement on her speech.  Since she has been coming to Health Success, I've noticed she has learned to control her lip muscles.  She is also taking her time to try and pronounce her words.  Mom
"Mrs. Quintanilla" 3/19/14
Everything was very professional!  Excellent Therapy!  Helped me improve in every aspect of my life.  A big thank you to all the staff and employees Floyd, Sandra, Omar. 
"Esteban" 3/12/14
Keep up the good work, everyone at Health Success are great people.  
"Benjamin" 2/5/14
Benajamin is improving little by little.  He is talking more and walking better. Mom
"Oralia" 1/5/15
Everything is running very professionally.  Vic, Omar, Sandra, everyone is amazing and very professional.  My experience was very successful. The staff is excellent.  They are really concerned with all patients.  They are all very attentive to their patients.  Thanks to everyone here at Health Success.  God Bless all of you!
"Dora" 11/26/14
Everything was great.  It was a joy coming to Health Success.  When I started, I thought I would never get back to my normal self.  I thought I was going to live with my arm pain forever.  It was wonderful working with Ms. Victoria and Mr. Eric.  They were very thoughtful in not pushing me when I was in a lot of pain, they knew how to ease it and then push me to my limit till the end.  I hope never to have to use therapy again, but if I do, I would definetly come here. 
"Matthew"  2015
All the teachers in therapy help people to read, write, walk, and exercise.  I was the kid that couldn't read and they have helped me a lot.  Now I can read and spell. 
"Cecilia" 2014
I was very surprised when Ms. Vic came in with Sandra and fixed my trouble with my left side ribs so quickly.  She knew what to do right away.  No more pain on that side. 
"Rosa" 2014
I just want to thank everybody.  They helped me a lot.  They feel like my family.
"Emily" 2014
Parent wrote, "Emily has shown improvement on her speech since she has been coming here.  I've noticed that she has learned to control her lip muscles.  She is also taking her time to try and pronounce her words."